Return to Normal Operations and Essential Worker Industry Resources

Updated and Republished: August 19, 2020

Below are links to memorandums and guidance issued by relevant government agencies, along with an updated list that identifies an expanded group of financial services workers as ‘Essential Workers,” and financial services as one of 16 Critical Infrastructure sectors. These memorandums reference the CISA Guidelines for Essential Workers last updated on August 18, 2020, and can be used as companion pieces, along with a letter on company letterhead identifying an employee as essential.

BPI worked with Treasury, CISA, associations partners and other sectors and information sharing groups to develop these guidelines. CISA released these for broad distribution to the critical infrastructure sectors and state police associations, police chiefs’ associations, the National Governors Association and others to assist with the reasonable movement of essential workers.

Return to Normal Operations

Essential Critical infrastructure Workers Guidance

Health and Safety Guidance