BPI Research Team

The research department conducts long- and short-term analysis on issues primarily related to bank regulation and supervision with the objective of encouraging welfare-enhancing regulatory change. The division’s economists conduct academic-level research intended for presentation at conferences and publication in peer-reviewed journals. The economists and research analysts also regularly engage in shorter-horizon research, often on breaking developments, typically for publication in BPI’s blog. In addition, the division also conducts analysis in support of BPI’s advocacy efforts. The division sponsors academic conferences and less formal gatherings including an annual conference on bank regulation with Columbia University frequent ad hoc symposiums—often on market developments—with market participants, academics, and officials from the public sector. The division’s four economists each have extensive experience working on the economic analysis of bank regulatory and supervisory issues including between them 94 years of experience in the Federal Reserve System.

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Bank Liquidity
Discount Window Stigma: We Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Us
Paraphrasing former Fed Governor and former bank CEO Betsy Duke when she was asked to explain why banks are reluctant to use the discount window: “Borrowing from the discount window is like borrowing from your parents.  You’ll do it if you have to, but nobody wants to.” Putting it a bit more extremely, the U.S. …
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