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Odd Lots Podcast: Why Banks Are Suddenly Borrowing From the Fed’s Discount Window

January 13, 2023

Monetary Policy | Bank Liquidity

FedSpeak: Fed Losses a Risk to Taxpayers

July 7, 2022

Monetary Policy | Bank Liquidity

FedSoc: Central Bank Digital Currency — Efficient Innovation or the End of the Private Banking System?

May 10, 2022


Central Bank Digital Currency | Fintech & Innovation

Twitter Spaces: Spotlight on Stress Tests

On June 27, 2022, BPI led a Twitter Spaces discussion on the 2022 annual stress tests, the results and what those results meant for the economy.

The discussion was hosted by:

Bank Capital and Stress Testing

Macro Musings Podcast: Bill Nelson on How the Fed Fell Behind the Curve

Monetary Policy | Bank Liquidity

Bill Nelson Participates in OMFIF Podcast: Can Structural Problems in Money Markets be Resolved?

Monetary Policy | Bank Liquidity

Bill Nelson Participates in Macro Musings Podcast: Repo Market Stress, the Fed’s Operating System, and the Prospects for a Standing Repo Facility

Monetary Policy | Bank Liquidity

BPI’s Josh Magri Discusses Cyber Risk and Regulation on CyberWire Podcast

Cybersecurity | Security

Macro Musings: Pat Parkinson on the 2020 Treasury Market Meltdown and How to Avoid a Potential Sequel

Monetary Policy | Bank Liquidity

IntraFi Network: The “Precedent-Shattering” Charter Application That Has Banks on Edge

Charters| FinTech & Innovation

John Court Joins Ballard Spahr’s Alan Kaplinsky to Discuss the OCC’s ‘Fair Access’ Proposal

Bank Activities and Structure| FinTech & Innovation