Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access BPI’s research, publications and content?

Access our publications, including blog posts, research notes, press releases, one-pagers, newsletters, comment letters, and congressional testimonies and letters, through our website search function. Alternatively, go to the navigation bar under “Resources” and click “All Recent Content.”

Where can I find information about BPI’s membership?

BPI represents 40 of the nation’s leading banks. Our members include universal banks, regional banks and the major foreign banks doing business in the United States. Access the full list here.

What is the economic impact of BPI members?

Collectively, BPI members employ nearly 2 million Americans, make 72% of all loans and nearly half of the nation’s small business loans, and serve as an engine for financial innovation and economic growth. To learn how BPI members contribute nationally and in your individual state, please click here.

How can I find information about upcoming BPI events?

To find information about upcoming events, please navigate to the “Events” section of our website, which highlights all upcoming events such as webinars, conferences and workshops.

How do I contact the media department at BPI?

For all media inquiries, please click here.

How can I receive notifications about new content, updates or events?

Stay informed about new content, updates, or events by subscribing to our newsletters. Look for the subscription option on our website, where you can provide your email address to receive regular updates directly to your inbox.

Where can I find BPI on social media?

Follow BPI on Twitter, Threads, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

How do I find career opportunities or job openings at BPI?

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with us, visit the “Careers” section. This section lists current job openings and internship opportunities; it also offers information on our benefits.