Cybersecurity Executive Order Strengthens Nation’s Defenses and Will Help Support Banks’ Third-Party Risk Management Efforts

Washington, D.C. — Bank Policy Institute Executive Vice President and President of BITS Chris Feeney issued the following statement today in response to an Executive Order issued by the President aimed at strengthening the nation’s cybersecurity:

The President’s Executive Order will require federal agencies, their contractors and vendors to use many of the robust cybersecurity practices already in use by large banks to defend against cyber intrusions and protect their customers’ data. The Order will strengthen our nation’s cyber defenses, support stronger standards across industries and support third-party risk management efforts underway by financial institutions and other critical infrastructure sectors. Banks and financial institutions are pioneers in protecting their customers with advanced detection and prevention measures, and we are encouraged by the Order’s steps toward embedding those best practices across all government agencies and in the government contract sector.

Chris Feeney, Executive Vice President and President of BITS