BPI Symposium Ground Rules

The title, host and agenda of this symposium will be public. Participants may use the information shared at the meeting, but they should not attribute the information to anyone or share any of the presentation materials unless given permission. The names and specific organizations of attendees are confidential, but paraphrases may be attributed in general terms without names or institutions. Media may be invited to the event and will be subject to the same ground rules.


Allowed: Paraphrasing

Not allowed: Anything in quotation marks

Allowed for attribution: A general description of the participant’s job function and a general description of the participant’s employer. E.g., An economist at an industry trade association, a banking agency official, a Ph. D. Professor

Not allowed for attribution: Cannot cite participant’s name, exact title, or organization’s name. E.g., Bill Nelson, Chief Economist at the Bank Policy institute, General Counsel at a banking agency, A Yale economist.

Allowed: Media may report on the event as long as they adhere to above ground rules.