America’s Banks: Foundation of Free Enterprise

Banks Support the Economy, Consumers and the Financial System

Banks support the economy, consumers and the financial system every day to help meet American national security goals, promote innovation and preserve U.S. competitiveness. The following document highlights the benefit of large banks to the economy and identifies several problems with the current regulatory framework that could jeopardize the ability of banks to best serve these goals.

Key Messages:

  • Banks support business growth and keep the American economy competitive.
  • Strong American banks help consumers reach their goals and obtain access to resources to build a better future.
  • America’s banks are guardians of the financial system, help preserve national security and keep the economy in motion.

What are the problems with the current regulatory framework and how can they be fixed?

  • Banks are safer than ever before, yet capital costs continue to increase, making credit to businesses and consumers more expensive.
  • Ill-conceived regulations are disintermediating banks and forcing businesses to rely on unregulated and less safe alternatives.