About Us

Mission Statement

The Bank Policy Institute (BPI) is a nonpartisan public policy, research and advocacy group, representing the nation’s leading banks. Our members include universal banks, regional banks and the major foreign banks doing business in the United States. Collectively, they employ nearly 2 million Americans, make 68% of all loans and nearly half of the nation’s small business loans and serve as an engine for financial innovation and economic growth.

Our staff includes economists, researchers, financial analysts and attorneys, all focused on using data and analysis to shape sound policy.  We distribute our research and analysis to U.S. and global regulators, members of Congress, academics and media through academic-quality research papers, blog posts, white papers, comment letters, and Congressional testimony.

We also serve our members through our Business-Innovation-Technology-Security division (better known as BITS), which provides an executive-level forum to discuss and promote current and emerging technology, foster innovation, reduce fraud and improve cybersecurity and risk management practices for the nation’s financial sector.

We take as a given that the business of banking is the business of taking and managing risk. BPI aims to shape policy to allow the nation’s leading banks to best serve their customers and fulfill their vital economic role while holding sufficient capital and liquidity to ensure that the risks they take are borne by their shareholders and creditors, not the taxpayer.

BPI Members’ National Economic Contributions

Nearly 2 million Americans are employed by BPI members

Powering Your Every Day

Over 2 million bank employees work every day to help create jobs, grow small businesses and drive economic growth. Learn more about the economic contributions BPI members provide to power your every day.


Board Members

BPI Team

Greg Baer
President & Chief Executive Officer
Kate Childress
Executive Vice President and Head of Public Affairs
Chris Feeney
Executive Vice President and President of BITS
Bill Nelson
Executive Vice President and Chief Economist
John Court
Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Head of Regulatory Affairs & COO
Francisco Covas
Executive Vice President & Head of Research
Ayeola Alexander
Senior Vice President, Operations & Chief Human Resources Officer
Yasmeen Abdul-Razeq
Assistant Vice President and Research Analyst
Aiyanyo Aibangbee
Assistant Vice President, Communications
Brian Anderson
Senior Vice President, Technology Regulation for BITS
Lauren Anderson
Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Austin Anton
Vice President, Communications
Kristina Asifo
Assistant Vice President, Human Resources Management
Angelena Bradfield
Senior Vice President, AML/BSA, Sanctions & Privacy
Anthony Bush
Assistant Vice President, Government Affairs
Paul Calem
Senior Vice President of Research
Cara Camacho
Senior Vice President of Government Affairs
Tracey D’Antuono
Senior Vice President of Membership and Events
Ayana Dunlap
Assistant Vice President, Operations and Information Technology
Janel Dupuis
Executive Assistant, Public Affairs and BITS
Gonzalo Fernandez Dionis
Vice President, Research
Nancy Guglielmo
Senior Vice President, Fraud Reduction Program for BITS
Emily Harris
Assistant Vice President & Senior Executive Assistant
Edward Hill
Senior Vice President & Head of Government Affairs
Heather Hogsett
Senior Vice President, Technology and Risk Strategy for BITS
Tyler Jackson
Front Desk Coordinator & Operations Assistant
Andrew Kennedy
Vice President of Cybersecurity and Risk Strategy
Sarah Mamula
Vice President, Government Affairs
Julia Moss
Executive Assistant, Research and Regulatory Affairs
Sean Oblack
Senior Vice President, Head of Communications
Paige Pidano Paridon
Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel
Pat Parkinson
Senior Fellow
Tara Payne
Vice President, Communications
Alix Roberts
Assistant Vice President of Regulatory Affairs
Whitney Roberts
Assistant Vice President, Meetings, Events & Membership
Matthew Rosenthal
Assistant Vice President and Regulatory Policy Analyst
Gregg Rozansky
Senior Vice President, Senior Associate General Counsel
Erik Rust
Vice President, Government Affairs
Hilary Scherer
Vice President and Director of Events
Jose Maria U. Tapia
Assistant Vice President and Research Analyst
Brett Waxman
Senior Vice President, Senior Associate General Counsel
Tonny Welling
Vice President, Finance
Piper Williams
Assistant Vice President of Operations