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El Círculo Hispano (CH) – a local organization that advocates and provides services for the growing Hispanic-Latino population – is a non-profit that your bank’s Foundation funds and where you (the branch manager) and your branch teammates regularly serve.  Esperanza, CH’s Executive Director, calls you with a unique request.  Esperanza realizes that many of her constituents are low- and moderate-income and that a number of their children receive vouchers for free and reduced-cost school meals.  She also communicates that several CH members are either day-laborers or independent contractors that do not regularly file taxes, and that most of them do not have bank accounts.  Knowing that many of these families would be eligible for the Child Tax Credit, Esperanza seeks your bank’s assistance in ensuring this benefit reaches CH children.


The CTC will be fully refundable. Low-income parents will qualify for the full benefit. This piece is key for the lowest income children.


CTC presents an ideal occasion for your bank to introduce prospect clients to low hurdle, low cost bank accounts, while addressing CTC access issues by designating the account for CTC direct deposit payments


BankOn Certified Bank Account

BankOn’s goal is to ensure access to safe and affordable bank accounts. These low cost, no-overdraft, no-surprise-fee accounts are recommended by the US Treasury to assist people claiming their Child Tax Credit

GetCTC Tool

Made in collaboration with the White House and US Treasury, GetCTC is a tool to file “simplified returns” for those who are not required to file. The tool helps eligible clients claim their CTC and missing stimulus payments.

Code for America Navigators

Code for America provides guidance and resources for community-based navigators seeking to help hard-to-reach clients access the Child Tax Credit (CTC) or Economic Impact Payment (EIP or “Stimulus”).

Potential Next Step

Arrange an offsite event – inclusive of representatives from your bank and the community-based organization, and a tax professional or Code for America Navigator – for real time bank account onboarding and CTC Enrollment.

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